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Snape’s treatment towards Lupin is not justified. Based on arguments against posting

 I had been working for ten hours editing a video for a client. I took a break and found this posting. I started to read through the comments/arguments and found myself wanting to reply to many. I did twice but realized I’d be reblogging a lot. So I made this post separate from the original posting. 

Here is the link to the original and I tagged the OP.

I’ll probably get attacked for this by Snape fans but many of the arguments defending Snape in this situation are ridiculous. I can handle the anti-James arguments (even though James fucking Potter rocks) but don’t try and say Lupin deserved this. 

- Lupin resigned. Snape didn’t get him fired so what’s the big deal. Lupin obviously agreed he shouldn’t work at Hogwarts after forgetting to take his potion and because of his condition. But Snape could’ve kept quiet about him being a werewolf. Yet he went ahead and told students. STUDENTS. Those kids told their parents who probably told others and made it again hard for Lupin to find a job. 

- Lupin deserved it because he bullied Snape. No he didn’t. James and Sirius did. Now, I get that it was bad Remus sat there while the bullying was going on. But don’t forget Snape hexed James as well (“Snape never missed an opportunity to hex James”), and was on his way to join a group that were after Muggle-borns. Plus, Remus didn’t laugh or crack a smile during the bullying. James, Sirius, Peter and even Lily did. It isn’t easy to standup to your friends at that age especially when they’re probably the only ones you have and have accepted your condition. I had friends in highschool who tormented others in high school. And I did stand up. Guess what, I was treated like shit for it. It’s not easy standing up to the popular kids. I don’t think James and Sirius would’ve treated Remus crappy had he defended Snape but I can get the mentality of why Remus avoided it. Also, Snape went on to actually bully KIDS who had nothing to do with The Marauders bullying him. 

- Lupin should not have been a teacher because he’s a werewolf. He was around kids. Okay I can get that but by that logic he should not have attended Hogwarts as kid. Don’t forget Lupin was more dangerous when he was younger and when there was no wolfsbane. 

- Snape wanted Lupin fired to keep him away from Harry. Mmmm… I bet his reasoning for trying to get Lupin fired was more based on his childhood grudge and less about Harry. 

- Lupin forgot his potion. Yes, he forgot his potion. Very irresponsible I’ll agree. Snape hadn’t delivered it yet. But I am sure if you sat there and saw a convicted murder followed by someone who should be dead and three kids on a map you’d probably get up and see what the fuck is up. Snape could’ve delivered the potion to Lupin in the Shrieking Shack. He didn’t. He’s not blameless. 

- Snape threw himself in front of the trio to save them from Lupin. Well if you are going to use the movies to prove your point then… remember when Snape started the astronomy club for students to pay close attention to the cycles of the moon and there effects on certain professors. Total dick move. Lets use the books for canon, please. In the book, he just floated there. It was Sirius who threw himself in front of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Peter, and Snape. Sirius could’ve just been like “here Lupin eat Snape. It’ll keep you busy. Bye-bye.” Small part of me wouldn’t blame him after Snape wanted to give both Sirius and Remus the dementors’ kiss. Something worse than death. 

- Snape could’ve told Dumbledore about Lupin being a werewolf but he didn’t. Wait, what? I know Dumbledore was old but he wasn’t senile. I think he already knew about Lupin’s condition. 

- Snape was almost attacked by Remus when they were kids. People are acting like Remus purposely tried to attack Snape so he deserves revenge. He was attacked because he was trying to find out what Lupin was up to in hopes of getting him and his friends’ expelled. Plus, that situation was between Snape and Sirius. Remus was the weapon. And don’t you dare say Remus was in on the joke. Really? Do you really think Lupin would do something like that? The man was ashamed of what he was and was so pleased when Dumbledore allowed him into Hogwarts. Do you think he’d toss that all away? I seriously doubt when Remus found out what Sirius did he was cool with it. Remus was most likely pissed, and I’m sure James and Peter were too.  

He risked his life by becoming a spy. What does this have to do with Lupin? 

Snape loved Harry’s mom. Again, what does this have to do with Lupin?

Snape died to defeat the Dark Lord. So did Lupin. 

- Snape went through so much. So did Lupin. At least Snape had a job and a place to live.

Maybe calling Snape trash is harsh. Maybe Lupin should’ve been fired for forgetting his potion (Lupin agreed and resigned). But don’t try and argue against the OP by saying Lupin was trash and deserved this and Snape’s actions were justified.  Many of the arguments are claiming Lupin deserved to get fired because of his friends, condition, and the near attack. No. No. Just No.  

Remus as an adult admitted to feeling bad about not standing up for Snape. Snape as an adult tried to get Lupin fired. Also, Remus stood up for Snape to Harry. I doubt Snape defended Lupin to anyone.  I will agree it was nice for Snape to brew him wolfsbane, but him making Lupin wolfsbane doesn’t cover the fact that was willing to have Lupin executed.

I will always stay up until 5 AM to defend Remus Lupin and Ginny Weasley.

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